The Components

  • The ring gear – a cylindrical ring with internal gearing
  • The flexible ring – a cylindrical, flexible steel bush with external gearing
  • The wave generator - an elliptical steel disk with centric hub and elliptical, flexible special ball bearing

How it works

The elliptical wave generator is slightly smaller in diameter than the flexible ring resulting in it having two fewer teeth on its outer circumference. It is held in an elliptical shape by the Wave Generator and its teeth engage with the teeth on the ring gear across the major axis of the ellipse. As soon as the Wave Generator starts to rotate clockwise, the zone of  tooth engagement travels with the major elliptical axis. When the Wave Generator has turned through 180 degrees clockwise the flexible ring has regressed by one tooth relative to the ring gear. Each turn of the Wave Generator moves the flexible ring two teeth anti-clockwise relative to the ring gear.