OVALO offers complete mechatronic systems. In cooperation with electronic partners from the automotive industry the necessary controllers are developed and industrialized according to the customer-specific requirements


For the development of prototype systems or concept vehicles OVALO uses the rapid control prototyping platform PUMA from company adcos. These controllers are typically used in the close-to-production model-based development of functional software and control / feedback algorithms. Since 01.01.2014 the company adcos has become a subsidiary of OVALO GmbH.

Furthermore, the PUMA controllers offer integrated high-current output stages for operation of electronically commutated 3-phase motors. PUMA can be used to operate 12 V as well as 48 V actuators. 

This system-specific functional software is model-based developed with MATLAB/Simulink or dSPACE TargetLink. Accordingly, the software algorithms developed in the early design phase may be transferred directly in a later series-production development.


In cooperation with electronic partners OVALO develops specific solutions with attached or removable ECUs for each customer system, considering the OEM-specific requirements (environmental conditions, EMC, shock resistance etc.).

OVALO controllers generally use modern processor architectures selected according to the requirements on performance and functional safety.

Together with our electronic partners we own extensive experiences in designing high-current power output stages, used for example in chassis applications in the 12 and 48 Volt class.


AUTOSTAR software architectures are used as basic software for the customer-specific controllers. Our electronic partners are responsible for the configuration of the AUTOSAR-basic software.

OVALO develops an own model-based functional software as well as control and feedback algorithms. Comprehensive experience is available especially with regard to the optimal control of electronically commutated motors as well as best control and feedback algorithms.

All model-based software components are developed with dSPACE TargetLink and integrated as AUTOSAR-SWC’s into the overall software architecture by code generation.

Methods and Processes

OVALO has established corresponding methods and processes at a system level and in the area of model based software development to fulfill the requirements for safety-critical systems according to Automotive-SPICE and ISO 26262. These processes will be continuously developed and adapted to the OEM's requirements in each project.
Additionally, we have introduced customized test processes on the system level enabling us to qualify complete mechatronic systems including controller.