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Electric Motors
Custom Design

Electric Motors

If the market offers no suitable electric motor for the customer application, OVALO GmbH can develop and design the motor. OVALO has extensive experience and expertise in motor technology and can therefore give customers the support they need. OVALO also offers help and advice in the search for a suitable supplier.

Our electric motors – highly integrated brushless 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors – feature very low pulsating torques and optimal acoustic properties, and are developed on a project-specific basis. They are primarily sinusoidal commutated (field-oriented control) which makes them ideal for highly dynamic and demanding applications. The necessary feedback sensors for the motor commutation are chosen in accordance with the power requirements. The motors are developed using state-of-the-art CAE motor design software and 3D-FEM software, and are tested on in-house test benches.


Whether the requirement is for single components or complete systems:
We also develop and industrialize custom mechatronic drive systems in series applications. 

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Control Units

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Control units for complete mechatronic systems are developed and industrialized by OVALO individually for the particular customer application.