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Control Units
Experience and Expertise for Optimal Performance

The Control Units for Complete Mecha­tronic Systems

Control units for complete mechatronic systems are developed and industrialized by OVALO individually for the particular customer application. In doing so, we take into account the particular OEM-specific requirements (environmental conditions, EMC, shock resistance, etc.). The control units are equipped exclusively with state-of-the-art process architectures that are selected on the basis of performance requirements and functional safety. For safety-critical systems OVALO has established appropriate methods and processes at the system level, and also in the area of model-based software development. In addition, specially modified test processes at the system level allow the qualification of complete mechatronic systems, including the control unit. As the basic software, OVALO uses AUTOSAR software architectures on customer control units.

In the control unit segment OVALO cooperates with adcos, a development partner specializing in software and hardware solutions for mechatronic systems, adcos has been a subsidiary of OVALO GmbH since 2014.


  • Construction of prototype systems or concept media 
  • Custom solutions with add-on or modular control units
  • Comprehensive experience in the design of high-current power output stages (12 or 48 volt class)
  • Model-based development of in-house function software, as well as control and regulation algorithms
  • Compliance with stringent safety criteria
  • Qualification of complete mechatronic systems, including the control unit



Whether the requirement is for single components or complete systems:
We also develop and industrialize custom mechatronic drive systems in series applications. 

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