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Company Policy
Our Guiding Rule

Quality, Workplace Safety and Environmental Protection

The quality of our products, the safety of our employees and protection of the environment are the core values of our company.

With the introduction, maintenance and continuous improvement of an integrated management system we ensure that the guidelines and goals are implemented and achieved sustainably throughout the entire company. In this respect the supervisors serve as role models and bear the responsibility especially for product quality, employee safety and environmental protection. Our actions are defined by the principles of sustainability, avoidance of errors, preventive health protection and responsible use of resources.

Compliance with Guidelines

Our standards for quality, workplace safety and environmental protection must meet the requirements of our customers and our own expectations at all times. We are therefore obligated to comply with all relevant standards, regulations and statutes and other requirements that we deem necessary. For this purpose we systematically determine all relevant requirements and risks, analyse them and implement any necessary measures.

Leadership through Goals

Quality goals are defined and communicated for all areas, and compliance with the goals is monitored and evaluated.

Continuous Improvement 

Knowledge, experience and competence, as well as the motivation and safety of our employees contribute substantially to the quality of our products and therefore to the company’s success. We use a continuous process of improvement, open communication and training tailored to needs as well as consultation and participation of employees in order to achieve constant improvement in all areas of the company, and to raise the awareness of our employees.


We cooperate openly with our customers, suppliers, the responsible authorities and other interested parties and maintain mutually beneficial relations. They receive information about the services provided by our company as needed.

The management of OVALO GmbH is obligated to provide the means and resources necessary for monitoring and further development of the integrated management system.


Compliance Handbook

Nabtesco Group Code of Ethics

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