The Way we see Ourselves

  • We act entrepreneurially and strive for a lasting business result. The basis for this is healthy economic growth and appropriate
    profits which are not achieved at the expense of individuals or nature.
  • We act as an international company with the goal of becoming the innovative and economical leader in motion control technologies.
  • We feel equally obliged to our customers, shareholders and employees.
  • We systematically align our product range to the needs of the market in order to increase our market share and to create additional
    competitive advantages.
  • We are aware of the strength of our team and take advantage of the creativity, experience and self-initiative of each member of our staff.  We therefore care for the professional and personal development of our staff.
  • We seek and cultivate personal contact with each other and between all departments. This is the precondition for our efficient work.
    Complying with all laws and regulations as a matter of course is the basis for our socially responsible actions.

Values and Standards of Behavior

  • Respect, tolerance, esteem and trust are the values which dominate our daily actions.
  • We reach clear agreements and monitor their adherence. 
  • We regard conflicts as a chance for improvement as well as for innovation and talk about them openly.

Orientation towards Customers

  • The high quality of our products and services are crucial for our success in the market.
  • We feel committed to our customers’ success and therefore support them in their activities. They are our indirect employers.
  • We seek a trusting collaboration and long term partnership with our customers, suppliers and business partners.
  • We consider the customers’ assessment of our services to be important feedback for our constant improvement.


  • Constant exchange of information, teamwork, responsibility and the personal initiative of each employee characterizes our working environment.
  • Our employees contribute to the economic success of our company with their capabilities and efforts.
  • For us, education and development of our employees are important investments in our future.
  • The managers are role models for their staff. They challenge and support them professionally and socially.
  • We lead with objectives which are determined (agreed upon is better, but not a good translation) at least once a year in staff appraisal interviews.
  • We attach importance to safe and attractive jobs with good working conditions that ensure motivation and health. We create an atmosphere where productivity is enjoyable.
  • We are a magnet for the best.
  • We share the company’s success with our staff.

Constant Improvement

  • We are consistently working on the improvement of the quality of our products and services. A quick and flexible implementation characterizes our work.
  • We constantly want to improve the efficiency of all parts of the company.
  • We always strive for the best technologies and methods available and we consequently pay attention to the continuous improvement of our management system.
  • We define company processes and goals clearly and transparently, we check and analyze them regularly and react to changes immediately.