Quality, Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection

The quality of our products, safety of our employees and environmental protection are the fundamental values of our corporate management

By introducing, maintaining and continuously improving an integrated management system, we ensure that within our entire company targets and objectives are achieved sustainably.

Here, the superiors act as role models and take responsibility especially for the quality of the products, the safety of the employees as well as environmental protection.

Our actions are determined by the principles of sustainability, error prevention, preventive health protection and the responsible use of resources. 

  • Compliance with the requirements – Our demands on quality, occupational safety and environmental protection must always meet the requirements of our customers and at least our own expectations. We are therefore committed to comply with all relevant standards, regulations and laws and any other requirements that we consider necessary. Furthermore, we systematically identify all relevant requirements and risks, analyze them and implement the necessary measures.

  • Leading via targets – Quality targets are defined and communicated for all areas and compliance with them is monitored and evaluated.

  • Continuous improvement – Knowledge, experience, competence as well as motivation and safety of our employees significantly contribute the quality of our products and thus the success of our company. By a continuous improvement process, open communication and need-based training, we achieve a constant improvement in all company areas and thus encourage the awareness of our employees.  

  • Partner - We work openly together with our customers, suppliers, relevant authorities and further interested parties and maintain a relationship based on partnership. They will receive information about all services available from our company if required.

The management of OVALO GmbH commits itself to provide necessary means and resources for monitoring and continuous development of the integrated management system.

The management of OVALO GmbH

Daisuke Numata      Nobuhide Shiga      Ingo Dechent