Electromechanical Camphasers

Changing demands require new technologies. Exactly and fast working camphasing systems are needed for state-of-the-art combustion engines reliably working under every operating condition at the lowest possible power need. The oil-hydraulic systems cannot fully comply with the latest requirements.

Accordingly OVALO is intensively working on the development of electromechanical camphasers. The precision ring gears are ideally suited for the integration within a camshaft drive of a combustion engine.

Camshaft and chain sprocket or belt pulley are each connected with an outer ring. A brushless DC-motor drives the input-torque of the gear and generates the relative movement between gear and camshaft.

A combination of the gear precision with the electric motor speed offers the performance required today.

  • Adjustment speed
    Electric motor and gear ratio will be designed according to the required adjustment speed. Values of more than 400°/sec at the camshaft may be realized without any difficulty.
  • Positioning accuracy
    The requirements regarding gear precision up to the arc seconds range are far exceeded. Controller configuration is decisive for the adjustment behavior and precision.
  • Reliable operation at all temperature ranges
    As there is no dependency on oil viscosity and pressure the electromechanical camphaser may work at all operating temperatures.
  • Adjustment at standstill of combustion motor
    In case of start/stop systems and pulse starting of a hybrid drive (switching during drive from e-motor to combustion motor) the camshaft position will be prematurely adjusted and the combustion motor will immediately run in an optimal way.
  • Power requirement
    “Power on Demand” - despite of low current for running of the rotor in the electric motor energy is only needed for switching. This is a very clear step to cut consumption and CO2 emission.