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Precise Actuators for Transportation

Robot Technology in Motor Vehicles

Today’s market for modern motor vehicles requires comprehensive safety features, maximum comfort and optimal dynamic behaviour. The use of controlled actuators suitably meets these customer requirements.

The focus in electric vehicles is on electromechanical systems. Such systems frequently replace hydraulic systems and provide more control capabilities. They also have a positive effect on the CO2 balance.

Examples for Innovative Products and Systems in Mobility Related Applications:

  • Fully active chassis systems
  • Active roll stabilization
  • Chassis height adjustment
  • Brake actuators
  • Steering systems
  • Camshaft adjusters
  • Active seat adjustment

Outperform Traditional Systems

OVALO drive systems are based on brushless hollow-shaft motors and time-proven OVALO precision gears. This is how we put robot technology in vehicles. The basic challenge for the engineers is to develop an electromechanical actuator that exceeds the existing control behaviour of conventional systems on the market.

Advantages of OVALO Drive Systems:

  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Overload capacity
  • Hollow shaft
  • High energy density
  • Zero backlash and no self-locking
  • Compact construction
  • Custom design
  • High dynamics
  • Accuracy of adjustment
  • Low power consumption



Whether the requirement is for single components or complete systems:
We also develop and industrialize custom mechatronic drive systems in series applications. 

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Whether in robots or cobots: Functionality and quality depend largely on the drive. Precision gears from OVALO guarantee maximum performance.



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For industrial production OVALO offers compact gear solutions with maximum performance and efficiency.